So Instagrammable: Vienna’s Top 8 Selfie Spots

Do you appreciate a good selfie and always want to make sure your Instagram is always on fleek? 🙋‍♀️ When you explore a new city, you might not only want to collect the best of memories, but also the best pictures possible. But no idea where to start? No worries, we got you covered! Today we show you the most gorgeous and instagrammable spots in Vienna that shouldn’t be missing on your profile. Let’s go!

1. #PraterHeights

Who is it for: Those who want to aim high

If you’ve always aimed high with your selfies, take subway lines U1 or U2 to Praterstern to ride the Vienna Ferris Wheel and enjoy a beautiful panoramic view over Vienna while sitting in a historic carriage.

Not the biggest fan of heights (its highest point is at 64.75 meters) or strapped for cash? No problem, impressive photos can also be shot at the base of the Ferris Wheel.

By the way:
Did you know that the Ferris Wheel was almost torn down in 1916? The permit was signed already, the only thing lacking to actually do it was money. Bottom line: Sometimes, a lack of funds can lead to very positive outcomes.

Entry fee:
Between € 5 and € 12
Children younger than 3 ride for free.

Opening hours:
The Ferris Wheel is generally open from 10:30 am to 8:45 pm.


Spectacular views over Vienna await you from the Ferris Wheel.

2. #Zoku Vienna

Who is it for? Rooftop bar enthusiasts

Now that you’re already at the Vienna Prater, we’ll share another nearby gem that’s certainly on the bright side.

At the top of Zoku Vienna, you’ll find an amazing rooftop garden/terrace that overlooks the Prater and major parts of Vienna. Zoku opened its doors only a few months ago and is classified as a re-invented apartment hotel with the possibility of short and long-term stays. They also offer private work lofts as well as shared co-working spaces.

However, you can of course only come here for a drink or coffee, admire the view over the Prater, and take a ton of pictures for your Social Media.

New hotspot for rooftop garden enthusiasts: Zoku Vienna

3. #Danube Canal Promenade

Who is it for: Street art lovers

Another instagrammable spot, where Viennese street life can be found at the arm of the Danube River flanking Schwedenplatz. The promenade on both sides of the river offers docked ships, graffiti art, and spectacular views. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, there is always something going on here. There are many spots for the perfect shot along the 17.3 kilometer long Danube Canal. So feel free to pick your favorite graffiti and snap away!

By the way: Wooden bathing ships that shielded swimmers from prying eyes existed at the end of the 19th century. Since 2003, the water is once again clean enough to go swimming here. But beware: the strong currents can be very dangerous! The contemporary bathing ship Badeschiff offers a safe alternative.

The fantastically lit waterfront is excellent for taking a nighttime stroll.

The waterfront at Danube Canal invites you for a stroll.

4. #Floating Gardens

Who is it for? Urban gardening fans

The graffiti is not the only sight to admire at the Danube Canal. Last year, floating gardens were opened when the former “Kaiserbadschleuse” (emperor’s bath lock) was redeveloped and planted with greenery. The new free “chill area” reinforces the cooling air corridor along the Danube Canal which provides a more pleasant urban climate during hot summer periods.

So take a break by the river, enjoy this urban garden and don’t forget to shoot some nice pictures!

By the way:
The project was modeled on the “floating gardens” on the Seine in Paris!

The floating gardens at Danube Canal help to keep the urban climate cool during summer.

5. #Albertina Terrace

Who is it for? Instagram Queens & Kings

We cannot show you the most instagrammable spots of Vienna without taking you to the famous terrace of the Albertina, probably one of the most photographed spots in Vienna. When you arrive, you will totally get why: the view over the Vienna Opera House from there is just marvelous! So plan in some time to capture the perfect shot.

When you are there, we also highly recommend checking out Albertina, one of the most renowned museums in Europe. From Monet to Picasso, you will definitely see a lot of masterpieces!

Probably the #1 Instagram spot in Vienna: the Albertina terrace view a marvelous view of the Vienna opera house.

6. #OurSteffl

Who is it for? History buffs

Speaking of Steffl — as the Viennese lovingly call St. Stephen’s Cathedral — let’s not neglect to put the famous 900-year-old cathedral on our list! As it is an attraction as well as an actively used church, please avoid taking selfies inside. If you prefer a younger selfie partner, you can climb up to the church bell Pummerin in the north tower for 6 Euros to savor a great view of the historic city center. Alternatively, the gorgeous façade of the cathedral makes a good selfie-backdrop.

By the way:
A male and a female fertility symbol can be found to the left and right of the main portal, the Riesenportal. Did you manage to find them?

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm
Sunday and public holidays: 1 pm to 5.00 pm

With our St. Stephen’s Outdoor Experience, you’ll learn everything about the cathedral and its stunning architecture – so why not combine your photo session with enhancing your knowledge?

Vienna’s most famous church: St. Stephen’s Cathedral.


Who is it for? City explorers

Vienna is also known for its narrow hidden streets and alleys. If you want to capture the moment in one of Vienna’s historic streets, we highly recommend checking out the so-called Greek quarter in the first district. Take some pictures in gorgeous Griechengasse and walk up this little street until you reach the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, a truly picturesque church.

If you want to explore more of Vienna’s historic streets, check out one of our latest blog posts.

Let’s get lost in Vienna’s cute little streets and alleys.

8. #Johann Strauss Monument

Who is it for? Music lovers

If you feel like taking a break from sightseeing and taking pictures, why not grab a coffee and head over to Stadtpark to relax in this downtown green oasis? If you still want to take a few more pics, the Johann Strauss Monument in Stadtpark is your go-to. Surrounded by colorful flowers, the golden monument makes a scenic photo backdrop.

By the way:
In case you want to follow the traces of Johann Strauss and other famous composers who lived in Vienna, – including Mozart and Beethoven –  waltz with us through the city and discover places that inspired these great musicians with our A Music Lover’s Guide to Vienna audio guide!

What a pretty sight: the Johann Strauss Monument at Stadtpark.

There are plenty of tours around Vienna on our platform, but the guide for first-time visitors is always a good start:



Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Vienna


Vienna is new to you? This tour covers historical highlights, reveals fascinating stories, and takes you down a few cobblestone streets that most visitors never see.

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