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Is Blockchain the Future of Art?

We have already talked a lot about NFTs and NFT artists in detail here (check out last week’s post about women in NFTs and some great art projects they did), so today we’ll take a more general stance and delve a little bit into the topic if blockchain is the future of art.

Setting Up a Crypto Wallet

The first step into the crypto world is through the so-called ‘’wallet,’’ which is in effect a virtual wallet. However, you don’t need to know about the intricacies of the crypto world to get started – in fact, setting up a crypto wallet is completely free and very simple. Depending on the currency you want, there are different providers you can get started with....

The 4 Best European Cities for Tech-Savvy Cultural Lovers This Fall

Save the date(s)! With some national holidays and fall breaks coming up, you might want to escape your hometown for a little while to make use of the last golden fall days. To make the choice of destination easier for you, we have put together a list of European cities where you can find the hottest art exhibitions, tech and crypto events, and much...

NFTs: A Blessing or a Disaster for Digital Art?

NFTs are often created by digital artists, but they are not a new form of digital art. This is a common misconception when it comes to the non-fungible token. Digital art has been around for decades, and the possibility of digital technology as a source of material is nothing new to the art world. However the possibility to establish ownership, create scarcity and therefore...

CPTC – The First De-Fi Based Cultural Community

Welcome to the CPTC! The CPTC ecosystem is the first community, rewards, and funding system for culture that taps into DeFi. (= Decentralized Finance, a term used for financial services on the blockchain). Our main goal is to improve funding conditions for artists and cultural organizations as well as granting accessibility of art to a broader public.

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Crypto and Culture: What Art Has to Do with NFTs

NFTs are on everyone’s lips right now. But what exactly are NFTs, how can they be used and which role can they play for the art and culture industries? Why thinking of NFTs like signed trading cards will help and much more in today’s deep dive: Let’s uncover some myths around NFTs and shed light on the subject.