The Best Art and Culture Festivals in Germany and Switzerland

Summertime is festival time! There are great opportunities to experience art and culture outdoors – music, dance, theater, films, interdisciplinary art, and much more – there is something for everyone. We already gave you a brief overview of the best art and culture festivals in Austria this summer, so now we’ll put Germany and Switzerland into the spotlight!

Do you like going to multi-day festivals, camping, and wandering from stage to stage? Or would you prefer visiting a literature festival just for one day in your hometown? There are plenty of opportunities to experience arts and culture festivals this summer! We took a look at the festivals in Germany and Switzerland and put together a few highlights for you.

Music and Dance

Ready to dance the night away to your favorite music? We’ve got you covered!

One of the biggest festivals for music and art, the MS Dockville, is taking place again in Hamburg (August 19th – August 21st). If you are quick, you can also still visit the Kunst!Rasen Festival in Bonn, which is ongoing till August 13th, or you can shake it off at Tanz im August in Berlin (August 5th – August 27th).

September also has a lot to offer in Germany, where you can visit the Superbloom Festival (September 3rd – 9th), the big Lollapalooza Berlin Edition (September 24th – September 25th), or the Believe Festival in Leipzig (30.09).

Switzerland also has a lot on the table when it comes to music and dance festivals!

The Openair Gränichen (August 5th– August 6th) is an annual evergreen, as well as Stars in Town (August 4th– August 13th), or the  Summer Days Festival in Arbon (September 3rd – September 4th).

Theater and Literature

Theater lovers, take note! Don’t miss out on the Bayreuther Festspiele, the world’s most famous music theater festival dedicated to Richard Wagner’s last ten operas (July 27th – September 1st). A different kind of theater festival evolving around politics and the concept of power is “Politik im Freien Theater”, taking place from September 29th – October 8th in Frankfurt.

Our favorite theater festivals in Switzerland are the Nord Art Theaterfestival (August 10th – August 20th) and the Theaterfestival Basel, taking place from August 24th – September 4th.

If you are a literature fan, our highlights this summer are the African Book Festival (August 26th – August 28th)  and the Internationales Literaturfestival (September 7th – September 17th)  Berlin, the Poetenfest in Erlangen (August 25th – August 28th) , and the Harbour Front Literaturfestival in Hamburg (September 8th – October 22nd).



Turning to film festivals, we are especially looking forward to the British Short Film Festival (August 5 – August 11), Filmfest Weiterstadt or the Five Lakes Film Festival (August 24 – September 04). Did you also know that Switzerland has several film festivals going on? There is, for instance, the Zürich Film Festival (September 22nd – October 2nd) and the Locarno Filmfestival (August 3rd – August 13th).

Interdisciplinary & Street Art

Last but not least, we have the highlights of interdisciplinary and street art festivals. This weekend, you can party at the Artlake Festival in Lichterfeld (August 4th– August 8th) or you can participate in some thought exchange at the Mind on Fire Festival in Herbstein (August 11th– August 14th).

For street art lovers, your best bet is to visit the Street Art Wilhelmshaven in Germany (August 5th – August 7th) or the Vevey Street Artists Festival (August 18th – August 21st) at Lake Geneva.

We hope you could something among those culture festivals that intrigues you! For now, all there is left to say is to enjoy the rest of your summer, and see you outside at one of the many cultural events!

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    Nice feed for the lovers of art and culture! This kind of celebration helps in enhancing and spreading local image and identity. I would like to attend the Music and Dance festival in Hamburg. Next time I will plan my leave during this time.

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