5 Amazing European Spring Destinations

The winter is almost over, it’s getting sunnier every day and we’re all dying to escape to new destinations for some new and fresh experiences. Spring may be the perfect time to explore the streets of the new cities. It’s the time when everything is green and smells so good and the weather is pleasant and warm, but still not too hot for long walks. If you’re wondering where to travel this spring keep reading – we bring you 5 amazing European spring destinations.

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Let’s explore some amazing destinations…

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is an amazing destination for the springtime, the weather is perfect for long walks around the city or exploring it by bike. It’s when everything blossoms and you’ll see a lot of tulips everywhere, especially in April when it’s the peak season. Visit Keukenhof – the tulip garden and you’ll see tulips in any colour you can imagine growing on a huge flower field. You can even go there by bike – it’s a unique experience. Also, some festivals are happening in April one of them is the King’s Day – major party on the streets of Amsterdam. Just put on something orange and join the party, you will not regret it.

5 Amazing European Spring Destinations

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is the Green Capital of Europe and you can imagine that it looks the most beautiful in spring. Imagine its charming Art Nouveau building surrounded by green trees and bushes – definitely the time of the year when Ljubljana is the most picturesque. Check out the Triple Bridge and Prešeren square and take some amazing photos and then walk to the Open Kitchen and try best traditional food. Climb up to the castle and enjoy the views over the green city and then go to Tivoli park and meditate. There is definitely a lot to see in Ljubljana so get a comfy pair of shoes or rent a bike and explore its amazing cobbled streets and many bridges. Or even better – hop on a boat and explore it from another angle.

Top 10 things to do in Ljubljana Triple bridge

Lisbon, Portugal

Spring is the perfect time of the year to visit Portugal’s capital – it gets quite warm but not hot, just perfect for wandering around and enjoying the city without the crowd. Get there and explore the Belem District – the most charming part of the city. Check out its famous tower and walk along the Tagus river. Also, you have to visit many botanical gardens that Lisbon has and enjoy the greenery – there are many exotic plants hiding there. Oh, enjoy some quality jazz music while you’re in Lisbon – spring is the beginning of jazz season in Portugal’s capital. Get yourself a blanket and a bottle of wine and go to one of the city parks and enjoy performers from across Portugal and Europe playing jazz.

Valencia, Spain

If you want to celebrate the arrival of spring, there’s no better place to visit than Valencia. In March, this Spanish coastal city hosts a month-long festival called Las Fallas which includes different street performances that welcome the new season. Valencia is a beautiful city, with architecture that is a mixture of old and new, with medieval castles and towers and modern art deco buildings – it has it all. Also, it has the cathedral where the Holy Grail is kept, which is a must-see in Valencia. You can climb up to the cathedral’s tower and admire the city from above. Besides its cool sights all around the city, Valencia has perfect sandy beaches where you can enjoy the sunshine and amazing sea.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

If you love Italy and the seaside and want to get away this spring, Amalfi coast is the perfect place to visit. Spring is the golden season on this part of the Italian coast. It’s when orange flowers and jasmine are blooming, the weather is perfect, and the sea is warm enough so you can take that first dip of the season. Plus, there aren’t that many tourists so you can enjoy all that in peace. Amalfi coast is very interesting, and you’ll have a great time no matter where you stay. But still, we recommend Positano with its colourful houses set on the cascading cliffs and those winding roads in between them – it’s very picturesque and you definitely need to see it of a boat.

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There are plenty more destinations that are just perfect for spring vacations, basically anywhere you go you’ll have a good time. But these places are the ones we enjoyed the most, especially Amalfi coast because why wait for summer to take a dip in the sea.

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