Our Favorite Audio Guides for Vienna Part I

Vienna, our hometown, definitely has our heart. To experience the perks the city has to offer as long as the beautiful fall weather holds up, we have put together our favorite outdoor audio guides for you to start exploring! You’ll find these and all our other audio guides on our website.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Vienna

If you have never been to Vienna before, we definitely recommend our comprehensive ultimate beginner’s guide to Vienna. In this guide, you’ll get a nicely rounded overview of the old city center. Get ready for historical highlights, fascinating stories, and hidden inner city cobblestone streets that most visitors never get to see.

During the tour, you’ll learn about the most important landmarks, such as the Hofburg and its surrounding squares. We will also take you to a few historic streets and unveil the secrets they are hiding, take a closer city at the City Hall, and marvel at many more architectural wonders Vienna’s historic city center has to offer. For instance, have you ever heard the story behind the famous Looshaus? Or got lost in the narrow streets of Blutgassenviertel (Blood Street)? Have you already discovered the stunning Art Noveau clock at Hoher Markt? There is so much to see indeed, that we don’t even know where to start!

If you need a short sightseeing break, our audio guide will also take you to one of the cutest cafés in Vienna, where you’ll be able to soak in the unique atmosphere and enjoy your ‘’Melange’’ like a local.

For more impressions of our ultimate beginner’s guide to Vienna, check out this video to get a glimpse of the places we’ve just described.

Vienna’s old city hall is stunning from the inside and from the outside.

St. Stephen’s Outdoor Experience

It’s an obligatory stop on any visit to Vienna: we’re talking about St. Stephen’s Cathedral, endearingly referred to as “Steffl” by the locals. Numerous legends and myths surround the mighty cathedral, and the city’s history is hidden in the many details on its façade.

In partnership with the cathedral, we have created the only official outdoor tour that leads around St. Stephen’s Cathedral and brings you closer to countless stories and anecdotes from the past. Before you even enter, a plethora of history can be found on the façade of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Starting with the beautiful Western façade, comprising the so-called westwork with its 13th century Romanesque towers, we will continue our tour to the tomb of troubadour Neidhart Fuchs, take you to the Singer Gate, and reveal what its surprising purpose was in the past.

Oh, and you’ll also get to know what ‘’Christ with Toothache’’ and two, let’s say, rather curious symbols for strength and fertility have to do with Vienna’s most famous landmark. Sounds good to you? Get your guide now and start exploring! For some beforehand eye candy of the tour, check out this video.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is Vienna’s signature landmark.


Otto Wagner and the Naschmarkt in Vienna – name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait.

Naschmarkt not only offers culinary highlights but also architectural ones: the Art Deco and Viennese Modern Age buildings by, we already gave it away, Otto Wagner. The tour is basically divided into two main parts: in the first part of the tour, you’ll learn everything about the development of Viennese markets and the history of Naschmarkt in particular. The second part of the tour is all about Otto Wagner and his architectural legacy. Along Wienzeile, you’ll find many Art Nouveau buildings by Otto Wagner, and one is more stunning than the other. After taking the tour, you have to let us know your favorite Otto Wagner building – ours is the Majolika house. The tour ends at Karlsplatz, where you can visit two pavilions by Otto Wagner which were part of the old Stadtbahn (city railway).

We also think it’s in our duty to point out that you have to schedule your lunch break in the course of this tour, as Naschmarkt is literally THE deli-hotspot of Vienna, where you’ll find specialties from all over the world and numerous delicious restaurants. Yum!

Here you’ll find more glimpses of the Naschmarkt tour, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did!

Don’t miss out on Naschmarkt!

We wish you a blast while enjoying gorgeous Vienna! In case you’re doing any of the audio guide tours, feel free to tag us on Instagram and share your experience! p.s.: following us on Instagram and Tiktok is worthwhile anyways, as we always share inspiration and insights on cultural travel, the latest exhibitions, news on travel tec, the metaverse, and much more!

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