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Culture 101: Most Interesting Ancient Cultures (PART TWO)

Culture 101: Most Interesting Ancient Cultures that Ever Existed (PART TWO)

We started this story about the most interesting ancient cultures that ever existed a while ago. In that blog post we told you a little bit about ancient Rome, ancient Greece, and exotic and interesting Mayas and Incas. You’ve read a little bit about their history, fun facts, and about the impact they had on the life that came after them. You’ve waited long enough for the part two, so here it comes…

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Everything You Wanted to Know about Evzones, the Greek Presidential Guard

Everything You Wanted to Know about Evzones — the Greek Presidential Guard

If you’ve ever visited Athens, or even if you’ve only researched a little about the best things to see in the Greek capital, you’ve already seen the Evzones — the Greek presidential guard, or Tsoliás, as they are known as well. Once the soldiers who guarded the country’s borders, and today the elite, ceremonial guard, these guys are really a sight to see. Even though they surely won’t strike a pose for you, you’ve seen tons of photos of them, as they are probably the second most photographed sight in Athens, after the Parthenon.

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Culture 101: Most Interesting Ancient Cultures (PART ONE)

Most Interesting Ancient Cultures Mayan Pyramids

In the evolution of mankind, lifestyles have changed so many times. Many civilizations left an impact on the people that came after them, and we can see that on a daily basis in the architecture, art, and culture in the world around us. In this blog post, we bring you something different, we will share the stories about some of the most interesting ancient cultures that ever existed.

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8 Things You Need to Know before You Visit Portugal

Portugal is a country that has it all: so many historical places for you to explore, extraordinary culture, gorgeous beaches, and natural surroundings, cuisine and wines you’ll love, and its home to warm and welcoming people that will make your stay even better! Exploring the country of fado and saudade was one of the best decisions we ever made, and we bring you a few tips before you decide to travel there as well — here are the 8 things you need to know before you visit Portugal.

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