The Circus of Dreams at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds

If everything around you sparkles and glitters and you don’t even know where to look first, then you have most likely landed in the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, Tyrol. Today we tell you everything about this magical and sparkling place. Discover which highlights you should not miss there – especially this summer.

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 A Unique Place of Fantasy

If you aren’t yet familiar with the Swarovski Crystal Worlds, we like to introduce you to this world of wonders. It all started in 1995 when well-known multimedia artist André Heller came up with something very special for Swarovski’s centenary. He created the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in the shape of a green giant. In this true wonderland of fantasy, guests can experience crystal in all its facets. 

As a child, André Heller imagined giants living in Schönbrunn Palace Park in Vienna, walking around at night and freezing during the day. That’s how the idea for the iconic giant was born, and after moving around the world, he retired to Wattens. Since then, all the treasures he collected on his travels have been shining and sparkling in his Chambers of Wonder. The concept of those is based on the historic chambers of wonder in Ambras Castle. In the 16th century, these universal collections attempted to capture all the knowledge of its time.

For more than 25 years now, one can find a wealth of art and precious objects in the realm of the giant. In the spacious garden, the impressive crystal cloud is reflected in the black mirror water, and in the total of 17 Chambers of Wonder, renowned artists and designers have interpreted the medium of crystal in their very own way. Individual sound and scent concepts turn a visit into an experience for all senses. “Silent Light” whisks guests away to an eternal world of ice: amidst the bone-chillingly cold wind landscape, an icy tree sparkles with 150,000 Swarovski crystals, and at temperatures as low as -10°C, real snow trickles down from above. And in the “Chandelier of Grief” chamber of wonders, the Infinity Mirror Room by Yayoi Kusama allows visitors to immerse themselves in infinity. 

the giant at the swarovski cristal worlds
The giant is the entrance to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds and symbolizes the transition to another, magical world. © Swarovski Kristallwelten

The Circus of Dreams

This summer, a very special program awaits you at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds: the almost magnetic attraction of the circus casts its spell over visitors.

From July 24 to August 29, 2021, you can not only experience sparkling works of art. You can also meet six artists of the Circus-Theater Roncalli in the spacious garden of the facility. Monsieur Momo, the likable clown, is one of the artists who will make the circus of dreams come true daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. with brilliant body control and fascinating stories. It’s showtime a total of sixteen times a day! Witness when the artists shake the laws of gravity and create magical moments out of thin air.

With so much excitement, refreshments are of course a must: Refreshments and summer snacks await you at the food truck in the garden. 

Circus performer on a bike at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds
This summer, you cannot only experience sparkling works of art, but also meet six artists of the Circus-Theater Roncalli. © Swarovski Kristallwelten

Sparkling Carousel

Another highlight that you definitely shouldn’t miss during your visit is the “Carousel” for guests of all ages.

The carousel was created in collaboration with Spanish designer Jaime Hayon. The goal was to create a unique, interactive installation – and that was clearly met. The “Carousel” even won the Wallpaper Design Award in the “Best Ride” category in 2020.

The carousel is an eye-catcher in black and white and contrasts with the lush green of the Swarovski Crystal Worlds garden landscape. Although the modern design makes the carousel a new interpretation, it still retains its nostalgic touch. 15 million Swarovski crystals shimmer as soon as the carousel turns in the light, creating a dreamy atmosphere. The fantasy figures on which you can sit are based on traditions and fairy tales. Even if you look closely at the roof and the fencing, you can discover all sorts of imaginative faces.

If you are wondering if you can take this carousel for a spin, the answer is yes! The carousel is an experience for the whole family. Not only children, but also the young at heart can take it for a spin – or two. You can find the carousel in the southwestern part of the garden. There you can also discover other family-friendly installations, such as the labyrinth by André Heller or the four-story play tower.

Sparkling carousel exhibition part of the Circus of Dreams at Swarovski Crystal Worlds
Why not go for a spin or two in this sparkling and unique carousel? © Swarovski Kristallwelten

We hope we could give you some inspiration for an unforgettable visit to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds this summer. Let yourself be enchanted and immerse yourself in a magical world for a few hours! There is nothing better than escaping from everyday life for a sparkling, dazzling time.

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Featured image © Swarovski Kristallwelten

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  1. Kritika Panse says:

    Swarovski Crystal is every woman’s muse! Glad to read about the history of Swarovski Crystal worlds and the upcoming highlights to witness this summer. Sparking Carousal certainly seems refreshing. Loved this glittering post, and hopeful to be there!

  2. To dream of a circus represents a situation in your life that is chaotic or out of control. Disorganization. Noticing everyone around you acting “crazy”, unusual, or unpredictable. Negatively, a circus may represent the possibility of being lured into a dangerous situation.

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