Best things to do in Amsterdam

10 Best Things to Do in Amsterdam

As we already mentioned it a few times before, Amsterdam is a city that you must visit at least once in a lifetime. It’s a vibrant and unique city that offers such extraordinary experiences, and we bring you the list of our favourites – keep reading to find out about the 10 best things to do in Amsterdam.

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Let’s get to know Amsterdam…

Hop on a Bike

Yes, this is the first thing we want to tell you – Amsterdam is the most bicycle-friendly city in the world, and there is no better way of exploring it. Just rent a bike, you’ll have fun and a bit of exercise, and most importantly – it will take less time for you to explore the whole city. You can even find yourself a special Amsterdam op de fiets map (“Amsterdam by Bicycle”) so you know the shortest way to the best spots in the city.

Best things to do in Amsterdam

Take a Canal Tour

Amsterdam’s canals are splendid indeed, its inner canal ring was even declared as a UNESCO monument in 2010. Today they’re more of a tourist attraction, but back in the 17th century, they were essential to transport and defence. Taking a canal tour is a great way of exploring important landmarks and amazing architecture of Amsterdam, you will enjoy it.

Best things to do in Amsterdam

Explore the Dam Square

You cannot visit a city and not wander around its main square, in Amsterdam, it’s the Dam Square where you’ll find some really extraordinary buildings. The Dam Square is home to the Royal Palace that is the King’s official reception palace. It’s open to the public when there aren’t any royal occasions going on. Also, there is the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) right next to the Palace, and the National monument dedicated to WWII victims.

Best things to do in Amsterdam

© Andreas Praefcke / CC BY-SA 3.0

Explore Jordaan

Jordaan is the most famous neighbourhood in Amsterdam and walking through its streets felt like stepping back in time. At first, it was a working-class area, and today it is the most desirable quarter of Amsterdam with narrow streets and iconic architecture. Wherever you look there is an art gallery, a museum, an antique shop or a cute coffee shop.

Best things to do in Amsterdam

Visit Anne Frank House

This is the stop you have to make while strolling the streets of Amsterdam, you have to visit Anne Frank house and learn a little about all the things Jews have gone through in WWII. The house where Anne lived with her parents was turned into a memorial museum where you can see the annexe in which they were hiding for years, and where Anne wrote her diary.

Best things to do in Amsterdam

© Dietmar Rabich / CC BY-SA 4.0

Meet Van Gogh

You cannot leave Amsterdam if you haven’t visited the modern building housing the Van Gogh Museum. This is the place where you’ll get the opportunity to see more than 1000 of his paintings, drawings and letters, and to actually get to know about his development and about the artists that inspired him, as well as some that were inspired by him.

Best things to do in Amsterdam

Relax at Vondelpark

Just outside the inner canal ring, you’ll find the huge Vondelpark – Amsterdam’s own version of Central Park. It’s not just park, there are various possibilities in this green area – besides paths that you can stroll, there are many restaurants and cafes where you can rest and have a nice meal or a coffee break. Also, there are many indoor and outdoor activities, so you can have a fun time no matter what time of the year you visit. You can enjoy many art performances in Vondelpark, especially in the open-air theatre during the summertime.

Best things to do in Amsterdam

© Dguendel / CC BY-SA 4.0

Go Shopping at a Local Market

There are many local markets in Amsterdam that will offer you a unique experience and that special atmosphere that only these kinds of markets provide. There are a few such markets around the city, but some of the best are Albert Cuypmarkt in De Pijp, Lindengracht market in the Jordaan and the Waterlooplein flea market. These local markets offer anything from food, spices, local specialities, to interesting artwork and vintage clothes.

Best things to do in Amsterdam

© Photo CC BY-SA 2.0

Get Yourself a Bouquet of Tulips

We don’t care if you think it is cliché or not – you have to get at least one bouquet of these amazing flowers. The most popular spot for buying tulips in the city centre is the floating flower market Bloemenmarkt that lines the Singel street with colourful flower stalls. If you visit in the springtime, take a short trip outside the city and visit either the Keukenhof gardens or Bollenstreek to admire the fields of tulips.

Best things to do in Amsterdam

Take a Photo on the I Amsterdam Letters

This is one of the most popular things every tourist has to do – have their picture taken on the I amsterdam letters. Those are travelling letters that move around the city. You can visit the official Amsterdam website and find out where the letters are at the moment.

Best things to do in Amsterdam

There’s a lot more of Amsterdam, of course, these are just the essentials of every visit to this amazing city. If you have the time, keep exploring – there are many interesting museums all around the city, as well as some other landmarks and monuments. We loved its brick buildings, rich history and culture, and relaxed and friendly locals, and sure you will too.

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