5 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

5 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

If you’re looking for blue skies, amazing sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters we have quite a few suggestions for your next vacation. This time we bring you our list of 5 most beautiful islands in the world where you’ll have one of your best exotic vacations ever.

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Let’s find some perfect islands…


The Maldives are undoubtedly the most beautiful islands in the world. This magical archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean and it consists of more than 1000 coral islands. The beaches, lagoons, corals reefs and marine life of Maldives are really extraordinary – this is one of the best places in the world for scuba diving.

The most attractive beach on the Maldives is a glittering beach of Vaadhoo Island. You can see the magic of naturally glittering sea waters there, which is generated by planktons. If you want to experience the Maldives in another way, you should take a seaplane flight and enjoy the view over its beaches and lagoons. Also, you must enjoy the sunset on the beach, it will leave you breathless. It is one of the most amazing sights you’ll see in your lifetime.

5 Most Beautiful Islands in the World


Seychelles, an archipelago with over 100 islands, are known for their perfect white sandy beaches, but they’re a true paradise for any nature lover, too. Every one of these islands has something unique to offer – tropical forests, isolated beaches, endemic species and unique cultural heritage. What is most interesting is the fact that most of these islands are totally uninhabited.

There are three main islands of Seychelles – Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, and there is something cool to see on every one of them. Mahé is the largest of them and the most inhabited one, and it’s the main spot for tourists. If you visit Praslin island, you must explore its forests and find its beautiful secret waterfall. Visit La Digue and you’ll feel like you travelled to the past. It’s a tranquil island with barely any motor vehicles and some of the best unspoiled beaches. These three islands are located near each other, so you can enjoy them all in one travel.

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Crete is the southernmost and one of the most beautiful Greek islands, and it’s a great place if you want to get to know the Greek culture. We loved its towns, beaches and nature, and what made us love it even more is the fact that you don’t have to spend that much money once you get there – it’s a very affordable destination.

The landscape of Crete is very interesting, it includes many canyons and gorges, as well as high mountain ranges and amazing waterfalls that are a great tourist attraction. There are so many great places on this island, you’ll never get enough of it, and they’re pretty well connected with bus lines, so it’s easy (and cheap) to get from one spot to another.

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Mauritius, probably the richest destination in all of Africa, is a true tropical paradise with plenty to do. With white-sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, lush vegetation, inland activities and rich cultural values – Mauritius has it all.

So, if love beaches, but also the hills, then Mauritius could be the destination to pick. This beautiful country is bejewelled with glittering seashores and prettified with lush national parks. You can go on hikes and treks, choose to spend the day at the beach indulging in various water adventure or simply relax at your brilliant resort. There also are many Hindu temples to visit if you have a spiritual inclination.

5 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Fiji Islands

Whether you are planning your honeymoon or looking for an adventure, Fiji pops up as a perfect exotic destination. It is one of the most scenic archipelagos in the South Pacific Ocean. You cannot make a wrong choice among 333 islands in this archipelago, they’re all perfect paradise destinations with plenty of palm-lined beaches, 200 protected marine parks, gorges, mangrove forests, waterfalls and natural pools.

Besides chilling on some of the amazing beaches that you will find on the Fiji Islands, there is plenty of interesting things to do. You can go snorkelling over its magnificent coral reefs or diving and exploring them closer or swim alongside manta rays and sea turtles, or even sharks if you’re brave enough. If you want a more complete experience of the Fiji Islands, go hiking through its jungles and explore the wilderness you’re surrounded with.

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There are plenty more of tropical islands that could be the perfect summer vacation destination, but these are the ones we enjoyed the most. If you’re more into exploring interesting cities than relaxing on the sunshine, check out our blog about best summer city breaks and enjoy.

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