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Summer at the 9 Best Beach Cities in the World

If you’re a passionate beachgoer, you love summertime and sunbathing, we bring you ideas for your new destination. Here are 9 best beach cities in the world – you should definitely visit at least some of them in your lifetime.

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Let’s hit the beach!


If you love experiencing different cultures, Singapore is the right destination. Singapore has four official languages; English, Tamil, Malay, and Mandarin and it also celebrates the national holidays of many different religions. Also, you can enjoy culinary experiences from different countries as well as visiting many different places of worship. But besides that, you should know that there are some awesome beaches over there! The perfect one is for sure Palawan beach with swaying palm trees, white sand, blue-green water, and lively beach bars.

Best beach cities


Nice is a very picturesque city on the French Riviera, with an idyllic coastline and the azure Mediterranean Sea – you’ll enjoy it very much. It is one of the best beach cities in Europe with a diverse selection of beaches – beaches with pebbles, sandy beaches, padded beaches… But the one we see on the photos most often is a long beach with pebbles, set along the Promenade des Anglais.

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We talked about Barcelona so many times, but it’s a perfect city, we just have to. There’s a lot of historical and cultural places to see, a lot to do, and a lot of nice places where you can just relax. Sandy beaches in Barcelona are a dream come true, they stretch for kilometers and are a perfect place for a siesta – afternoon rest or nap. And as you go farther from the city the beaches get even more beautiful. Also, you will find many seafood restaurants and bars along the palm-lined promenades to enjoy.

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Best beach cities

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a great city, and no visit to it would be complete without experiencing its beaches. Its most popular beaches are famous worldwide, and those are Copacabana and Ipanema. Copacabana beach is magical and very picturesque, with a unique backdrop of the Sugarloaf mountain. These beaches get really crowded, of course, but if you want a nice quiet beach where you can just lay back and enjoy the silence, there are such beaches to be found.

Beach cities


Miami is one of the few places in the US that has a subtropical climate and sunshine year-round, so you’ll enjoy its famous resort Miami beach, it’s one of the best beaches in the world. Miami beach is made of some pretty legendary beaches, such as South Beach, set in the city’s Art Deco neighborhood with buildings painted in beautiful pastel colors, or Haulover Beach made completely out of white sand.

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Sydney is for sure the best beach city in Australia, and one of the best ones in the world – there are over a hundred amazing beaches over there. Some of the finest beaches are Bondi, Manly, Coogee, and Queenscliff and they’re known worldwide. Those are all sandy beaches, great for relaxing, sunbathing, and swimming, but you can also go kayaking, surfing, diving, and snorkeling over the coral reefs.

Best beach cities

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is Israel’s very cool city with great historical and cultural heritage to explore, great food, nightlife, and awesome beaches. Those beaches are one of the best city attractions. You’ll have the best time whether you’re looking for cool water sport activities or you’re more into just strolling down the shore and watching those pink sunsets.

Best beach cities

Cape Town

Set at the confluence of the Indian and Atlantic oceans, Cape Town a city with numerous great beaches and amazing views. This South African city is very popular among beachgoers all over the world. The main attraction on these beaches is the magnificent view of the sunset and recreational boating. Some of the most famous beaches are Clifton Beaches, Sandy Bay, Llandudno Beach, and Camps Bay. They offer something for everyone – surfers, shark divers, horse riders, paragliders…

Best beach cities

Los Angeles

LA is surely one of the most popular beach cities, thanks to its balmy year-round weather. With almost two dozen beaches in Los Angeles County to choose from, you may have a hard time picking one or two to visit during your vacation. Some of the best ones are Will Rogers State Beach, Venice Beach, Malibu Beach, Santa Monica Beach… No matter which one you choose (and you should visit all of them, to be honest), you’ll have the best time.

Best beach cities

These cities brought to us some of our most favorite beach experiences, so be sure to consider them for your next vacation.

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