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Top Things to Do in Zagreb: Feel the Real Spirit of the City

Zagreb is an exquisite city with a unique blend of the old spirit of continental Europe and Mediterranean culture. It’s full of beautiful buildings, amusing museums, and relaxing parks, but there is so much more. It has its unique spirit that you just must feel, and we’re about to tell you how. We’re about to show you the top things to do in Zagreb in order to feel the real spirit of the city.

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Take a Ride on Zagreb’s Squeaky Trams

The squeaky blue trams are the symbol of the city of Zagreb. They’re the most used and the most efficient transportation system in Croatia’s capital since there is no subway. The tram ride is a really unique experience that you should definitely try in order to feel the spirit of the city of Zagreb.

Things to Do in Zagreb - Tram Ride

Zagreb’s Blue Trams

Explore the Streets of the Old Town

Exploring Old Town is always a must, but the Old Town of Zagreb is something really special. Zagreb has the Upper and the Lower Town, with so many extraordinary spots you’ll stumble upon while you’re wandering through their streets. But officially, the Upper Town is the oldest part of the city and the one that really has the medieval vibe.

Some of the best spots in the Upper Town of Zagreb are St. Marks’s Church, Cathedral, Lotrscak Tower, and many of the cool museums that you’ll find in the streets of this beautiful part of Zagreb. Watch out for the details, such as the real gas street lights that are still being turned on and off by hand, and painted old water pumps that give the pop of color to the streets.

Things to Do in Zagreb - The Upper Town Views

The View from the Upper Town

Things to Do in Zagreb - St. Mark's Church

St. Mark’s Church

Things to Do in Zagreb - The Upper Town

The Upper Town
(cc) Miroslav VajdicCC BY-SA 2.0

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Buy Authentic Zagreb Food

Don’t you just love trying authentic food at your destination? It’s even better if you attempt to cook it on your own, with authentic, organic groceries, right? Visit Dolac, the most beloved marketplace in Zagreb, situated in the Upper Town. It’s the place where you’ll find fresh fruits, veggies, and meat, as well as some incredible spices and fresh flowers.

Things to Do in Zagreb - Dolac Market

Dolac Market

Walk the Strossmayer’s Promenade

Strossmayer’s promenade, in the Upper Town, is the most romantic promenade in the city of Zagreb, and it gets pretty exciting in the summer. It runs along with the remains of Zagreb’s medieval defense wall and you can get to it by a funicular or stairs. You will get to see some of the most spectacular views of the city of Zagreb along this promenade, so be sure not to miss this walk.

Strossmayer’s Promenade
(cc) Marko Maras/ CC BY 2.0

Enjoy Some Coffee

Of course, in order to feel the real spirit of any city, you must sit in one of its authentic cafes and have a delicious cup of coffee. It’s not just about that cup of coffee, but more about slowing down, taking some time for yourself and contemplating all things happening around you, and just relaxing.

Things to Do in Zagreb - Coffee Time

Enjoy coffee in Zagreb

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