What to Do in Zagreb for Halloween? The Bewitched Story

What to Do in Zagreb for Halloween? The Bewitched Story

Are you tired of spending another Halloween in your hometown, doing the same themed Halloween party and maybe trick-or-treating? This spooky-but-fun holiday is so near, and if you’re without any unusual idea, we recommend you visit Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, for a new city and Halloween experience. Wondering what to do in Zagreb for Halloween? Keep reading because we bring you the story about a spooky, mystical tour of the Medieval city of Zagreb — the bewitched story.

If you’re interested in taking a walk around mystical Zagreb’s Upper Town and discovering those dark and magical stories, just visit our Cultural Places platform and download our Mystical Zagreb. The Bewitched Story tour — you will not regret it.

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Now let’s take a little sneak-peek into this mysterious and dark tour…

Mystical Zagreb: Story-Time

The stories of mystical events that happened in Zagreb in the medieval period have been passed from generation to generation, and they still live on. If you’re into such stories this tour is just right for you — you will discover the dark side of the City of Zagreb, through the famous legends about characters, real practices, and historical events that occurred a long time ago. Those are the stories that might even send some shivers down your spine, or at least make you wonder — are there still witches around us? Is the magic still present in our reality?

What to Do in Zagreb for Halloween? The Bewitched Story

(cc) Upper Town Witches / CC BY-SA 3.0

Who Are Witches?

So, you are wondering — who were those witches and why were they so despised by the non-witch community? A witch, a supernatural being, a skilled woman, an herbalist, a poisoner, a fortune teller, a character from a fairy-tale or a movie, a person unusual in any way, was the embodiment of human fears and often blamed by other people for any misfortune. By persecuting them people had the feeling that they are controlling their fears. But did they, indeed?

There were quite a few famous witches of Zagreb, or coprnice as they’re called among the locals, some of them were tortured and persecuted and some managed to avoid the punishment. Wondering how? Download our tour and you will find out.

What to Do in Zagreb for Halloween? The Bewitched Story

(cc) Upper Town Witches / CC BY-SA 3.0

Bewitched Places around Zagreb

There are many places in the Old Town of Zagreb where it is said that witches were appearing — most of those are quite popular among tourists even if they know nothing about witchcraft in Zagreb. If you’ve ever been to Zagreb you’ve probably visited some of them, or you’ve at least read about them. Yes, you never knew that you’re maybe walking among the spirits of Zagreb’s witches. Spooky, right?

Your journey around these mysterious, yet so ordinary places at the bewitched Upper Town will start at the spot of the very end of witches’ lives. It’s a place called Zvezdišće, located at the sight of today’s cinema Tuškanec. How creepy would it be to watch a horror movie in that cinema, now that you know what kinds of spirits wander around there? You will visit many other historical places in the Upper Town and learn about mystical events that occurred there, that are somehow connected to the witchcraft in Zagreb. You will hear several legends along the way, they’re quite interesting stories. But beware — some of these stories are really spooky!

What to Do in Zagreb for Halloween? The Bewitched Story

(cc) Upper Town Witches / CC BY-SA 3.0

We recommend taking this tour in the sunset, so it gets even scarier, with that dusky sunlight touching the buildings and trees around you, and bats that come out of their shelters. It might be a good idea not to take this tour alone, as you might run into a few witches along your way. Or you may dress as one of them, and scare other explorers of the mystical Zagreb, it’s up to you.

You’re not into scary and mystical things? Don’t worry, we have some tours around Zagreb for you, as well. Visit our tour shop and check out the tours, explore the lovely Croatian capital, and experience it with your personal tour guide, at your own pace.

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