5 Must-Visit Places by the Sea in Athens

5 Must-Visit Places by the Sea in Athens

Wander, relax, and experience the 5 must-visit places by the sea in Athens that offer an afternoon stroll before tasting Greek plates in local tavernas nearby or an easy walk after a day of sightseeing. The five places to stroll with a view of the sea are just around the corner. Feel the summer breeze even in the spring season in destinations less than an hour from the city centre.

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Let’s explore Athens’ seaside…

Zea Marina

Zea Marina is one of the finest superyacht marinas in the Mediterranean, and it is located in Piraeus in Athens. It offers an organized experience with modern facilities and services, at a port with great ancient history being a Naval base where the fleet of triremes was built. After a walk by the coast, which accommodates up to 670 berths, you can find restaurants, bars and a swimming pool. End your day in a cocktail bar listening to the majestic waves.

5 Must-Visit Places by the Sea in Athens

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There is a beautiful aura here, and indeed in Mikrolimano summer seems to last forever! Witness the vibrant old city of Piraeus and soak in the feeling of this coastal area. Experience the best fish taverns, and most famous restaurants throughout Attica, offering appetizers, fresh fish, seafood, ouzo and fine wines. Experience the seaside breeze and dine with beautiful yachts nearby!

5 Must-Visit Places by the Sea in Athens


Start your day at Vouliagmeni, and enjoy the lively vibe of life at the beach, in about 30 minutes from the city centre. Lunch at local tavernas with seafood cravings, and feel the salty sea breeze when strolling around the coast. Best time of the day; coffee by the sunset. Enjoy an all-day experience with the blue of the sea in front of your very eyes!

When in this place, do not forget to visit the famous lake Vouliagmeni which offers hot-spring baths, hydrotherapy, as well as a variety of other services. The water colour and the rocks above the lake are fascinating.

5 Must-Visit Places by the Sea in Athens

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Flisvos Marina

Flisvos, in Paleo Faliro, is a great place to escape from the crowded Athenian metropolis. It is Greece’s first exclusive marina to offer large-scale mooring capacity for yachts, while also offers facilities to dine and shop. Bring your family and friends to stroll, jog or cycle around the magical coast. Get a taste of summer before it even starts.

5 Must-Visit Places by the Sea in Athens

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Stavros Niarchos Cultural Centre

Explore one of Athens’ most important cultural and educational projects and one of the world’s leading private, international philanthropic organizations at Kallithea, 4km south of central Athens. The Stavros Niarchos Cultural Centre accommodates the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera, and has many facilities and spaces for cultural events or designed to welcome everyone to spend their leisure time. If you don’t get the chance to go to an event held by the organization, enjoy a stroll by the 400-metre long lake and enjoy the view of the sea, or have a bite at the Bistro. What is special about the place is the refreshing breeze created by the architectural beauty of the Centre, and by its proximity to the sea.

5 Must-Visit Places by the Sea in Athens

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Athens offers many places to enjoy the sparks on the sea waves and gives you the feeling of being on a Greek island. Grab the opportunity to visit these places while relaxing under the Greek sun.

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