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Reasons to Explore Serbia: Lovely Novi Sad

7 Reasons to Explore Serbia

We do love Europe and all of its countries, but some of them are just a bit extra special and make you feel like you’re in the best place in the whole world. One such country is Serbia — a yet undiscovered gem of our lovely continent. If you’re looking for new places to learn about, we bring you 7 reasons to explore Serbia,...

Visit Belgrade: How to Explore Belgrade in 24 Hours

Visit Belgrade: How to Explore Belgrade in 24 Hours

Belgrade is a real urban jungle and a city where a lot of things happen. You could spend many days in Belgrade before you get bored, believe us. But if you plan to visit Belgrade for a day, whether it’s for business or it’s just a stop on your road trip across the Balkans, we have a few ideas on how to spend your...

Everything You Need to Know about Art Nouveau in Europe

Everything You Need to Know about Art Nouveau in Europe

We’re sure you admired all those beautiful buildings that you stumbled upon when you visited Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Brussels, and other European cities, right? In case you were wondering, many of them might be built in the Art Nouveau style. Do you want to learn a little bit about this gorgeous style while dreaming of your next trip? Keep reading because you’re about to...

5 Most Beautiful Train Rides in Europe Glacier Express

5 Most Beautiful Train Rides in Europe — PART ONE

Even though flying to your vacation destination is faster, there is something really special about traveling by train. It gives another dimension to your whole vacation — you get to enjoy the views of the gorgeous surroundings you’re traveling through. Also, it’s very efficient and sustainable, so besides the fact that you’re enjoying the ride, you’re doing something good for the planet. There are...

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Zadar

The Ultimate Bucket List — the Best Cities in the Balkans

Are you looking for a great European road trip? We definitely recommend visiting the gorgeous Balkan peninsula – it is full of amazing destinations. Some of them are well known, and some are still hidden gems. Keep reading and find out what are the best cities in the Balkans and go on a road trip that you will never forget.

Best Cultural Cities to Visit in the Balkans

5 Best Cultural Cities to Visit in the Balkans

The Balkan Peninsula, as the crossroad of many different and extraordinary cultures, has always been an interesting destination for real cultural travelers. The Balkans is full of hidden gems and some quite popular destinations, and here we bring you some of our favorites – 5 best cultural cities to visit in the Balkans.

Balkans street food

Balkans’ Street Food – Like Heaven in Your Mouth

No traveling experience is complete without trying some traditional food from the place you’re visiting. Street food is everyone’s favorite food to experience, and especially in the Balkans. Balkans street food is something special, its tradition goes at least five centuries back. In this blog post we bring you the best of the Balkans street food, so keep reading, we hope you’re not too...

Hidden gems in Serbia, Jagodina

Discover Hidden Gems in Serbia

Serbia itself is a real European hidden gem, but if you’re planning a trip around this West Balkans’ country you must be wondering which places to explore besides Belgrade, Novi Sad and maybe Subotica. Anyhow, we’d love to share our thoughts on some less popular destinations that we’ve enjoyed visiting, so check out our favorite hidden gems in Serbia.

Petrovaradin Fortress

Petrovaradin Fortress — the Gibraltar on the Danube

When we think about Novi Sad we picture Petrovaradin Fortress – Gibraltar on the Danube standing proudly above the mighty river. For most people, it is probably the famous EXIT festival that comes to mind. Then again, EXIT is taking place on this monumental fortification with the history that reaches deep into the past. There is no way that you will miss visiting this...

Top European Party Destinations for Memorable Nights

Do you like to party and to travel? You want to know what are the best destinations for parties and clubbing? In this blog post, we bring you the list of top European party destinations for memorable nights. Europeans are party people and whether you are looking for a cool festival to visit in the summer or for a weekend-getaway with awesome clubs you’ll...