10 Best Places to Visit in April 2020 Porto

10 Best Places for Enjoying Springtime

The perfect springtime weather is getting closer and closer! Isn’t it just the best time for traveling and exploring the world? If you still haven’t found your perfect springtime destination, we compiled a list for you — 10 best places for enjoying springtime.

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Let’s get to exploring…

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is an amazing destination for the springtime, the weather is perfect for long walks around the city or exploring it by bike. It’s when everything blossoms and you’ll see a lot of tulips everywhere, especially in April when it’s the peak season. Visit Keukenhof – the tulip garden and you’ll see tulips in any color you can imagine growing on a huge flower field. You can even go there by bike – it’s a unique experience.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Amsterdam

Tulips in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one great destination for any cultural traveler — it is full of amazing museums, great architectural and other landmarks. We recommend you explore its most exciting neighborhoods: Jordaan — very artsy neighborhood with countless independent art galleries, antique shops, and cool bars and restaurants, and Westergas — a complex of former industrial buildings that are now housing interesting pubs, bars, and restaurants, as well as art-house cinema and other creative and cultural business.

Also, some great festivals are happening in April one of them is the King’s Day – major party on the streets of Amsterdam. Just put on something orange and join the party, you will not regret it.

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Places for Enjoying Springtime: Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canals

Porto, Portugal

Porto, the second-largest city in Portugal, is a cultural city full of stunning 18th- and 19th-century buildings that are remarkable architectural gems. This city is rich with historical and cultural places and that one of its oldest parts earned a UNESCO World Heritage Site title. Ribeira — the oldest neighborhood of Porto is a great historical hotspot, set on the waterfront lined with cafes and restaurants, and narrow cobbled streets that you’ll enjoy exploring.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Porto

Porto is one of the top wine destinations in the world and a city where you can enjoy the best of Portuguese gastronomy. You should visit this vibrant city before it becomes overrun with tourists, it is so gorgeous, and it will definitely happen soon.

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Places for Enjoying Springtime: Porto

Gorgeous Buildings of Porto

Mérida, Mexico

Mérida, the capital of the Yutacan in Mexico, is a real hidden gem, perfect for every cultural traveler. Known as the White City (Ciudad Blanca), you can already imagine that you’ll see plenty of white buildings on the streets of this colonial city. But that’s where you’d be wrong! Yes, there are many white buildings, but you will notice even more gorgeous pastel-colored façades all around this charming city.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Merida

Architecture in Mérida
(cc) Aussie AssaultCC BY 2.0

This vibrant city has a very rich cultural heritage and its special charm that you will love. It was even named the American Capital of Culture, not once but twice! Many people in Mérida are of Mayan descent, so you can imagine that you will learn a little about that ancient culture. Visit its Gran Museo del Mundo Maya (Mayan World Museum), and explore its permanent exhibition of over 1.100 well-preserved artifacts, and learn about the culture and history of indigenous Mayan people.

When you get to explore the rest of the city, start with its main plaza, called Plaza Grande, and explore everything that you see around it. Check out the Catedral de San Ildefonso, which is the first Spanish cathedral built on the grounds of America. Also, check out the Palacio de Gobierno (the Governor’s Palace), and explore its wonderfully decorated halls, where you will learn more about the history of this vibrant city.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Merida

Catedral de San Ildefonso, Mérida

Mérida is a city that is never overrun with tourists, but we recommend you visit it in April because the weather is perfect — it’s just before the temperatures get really high and unbearable.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, also known as the Paris of the East, is a pretty affordable and popular city break with a lot of famous landmarks. Budapest is set along the Danube river and has a lot of amazing and unique bridges that you must see and cross, so prepare yourself for lots of walking.

You have to explore the Castle District and all the museums and galleries that are housed in the Buda Castle. Also, the Parliament building is a must-see, it’s one gorgeous building and it looks especially magical in the sunset.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Budapest - The Parliament Building

The Parliament Building in Budapest

Besides exploring the most important landmarks, be sure to explore the contemporary culture of Budapest. You must explore the hip parts of Budapest, the 7th and 8th district. Here, everything slows down to a more relaxed pace, so you can let yourself wander and discover local culture and nightlife.

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Places for Enjoying Springtime: Budapest

The View of Budapest

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, the capital and the largest city of beautiful Spain, is packed both with modern and old architectural landmarks, parks, palaces, and museums — a true pleasure to explore. When in Madrid, you must go to its main square Plaza Mayor — a centuries-old cobbled square that has seen everything from coronations to bullfights and beheadings. Enjoy the views of those amazing buildings and a great equestrian statue in its very center. While you’re there, sit in one of the nearby cafes or restaurants and enjoy people-watching, just like the locals do.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Madrid

Streets of Madrid

If you want to learn about the Spanish royal family, visit the Royal Palace (Palacio Real de Madrid), an official royal residence, that is today only used for official ceremonies. While you’re there, do not miss the Almudena Cathedral, which matches the Baroque exterior of the Palace. Also, visit Palacio de Cibeles that used to be the headquarters of Madrid’s post office until 2011 and today it is the home of Madrid’s City Council. It is an extraordinary building with an observation deck that gives you an amazing view of the city.

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Places for Enjoying Springtime: Madrid

Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, the White City of Israel, is a city known for its ancient history, amazing Bauhaus architecture, and an amazing artistic vibe. Also, it is known for its stunning sandy beaches, tasty food, and great nightlife. This is the place where ancient history meets modern living, and it creates a perfect mixture of both!

If you’re interested in exploring lovely Tel Aviv, start with Israel’s most famous plaza — Rabin Square, which is the starting point for exploring the city. It houses the Town Hall, and a memorial for Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated after a pro-peace rally.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Cityscape

After you’re done with exploring that part of the city, we recommend you to go to Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhood — Jaffa. Jaffa’s Old Town is a remarkable place to explore! It’s the oldest port city in the world, so you can imagine that it has seen a lot. Its streets are a real maze of stores and quaint cafes that are perfect for people-watching and just relaxing. Wandering around those streets you’ll stumble upon a flea market — don’t miss exploring this place as well, you might find some unique souvenirs. Be sure to find the famous Clock Tower built of limestone and admire it for a second — it’s the most famous landmark of Jaffa’s Old Town.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, The Clock Tower in Jaffa Old Town
(cc) Jorge Láscar / CC BY 2.0

Paris, France

Paris is a city that is always a good idea but imagine how wonderful it is in the springtime when everything starts to blossom and not that crowded! There are so many places to visit around Paris, but here we’ll recommend a few. The Eiffel tower is at the top of our list — it is the most visited paid-for monument in the world. This 342-meters high structure is one of the most popular symbols of Paris, the city of lights. Many believe that this landmark and his sparkling lights make Paris the most romantic city in the world.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris

While in Paris, don’t forget to explore its many museums — there are so many places where you can learn about history, art, and culture. You must visit the Louvre Museum — it’s one of the largest museums in the world, and one of the most visited ones for sure. But besides that, it is clearly a landmark itself, so it’s worth visiting for more than one reason.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Paris

Paris is a very instagrammable city, especially in the springtime. If you’re looking for some picture-perfect places to share on your Instagram feed, check out our blog post about the top 9 Instagrammable places in Paris, and feel free to share your pictures with us (tag @cultural_places and #culturalplaces on Instagram 😊).

Washington, D.C., USA

The USA is a huge country with an endless list of cities to visit and explore, but the one place that we especially loved exploring in the springtime is Washington. The capital is really an amazing city, and it’s not just because of the White House. In Washington, you’ll find so many monuments to explore, and the main ones (besides the White House) are the Jefferson monument, Capitol, Supreme Court. The Capitol is an amazing building, with a great dome, resembling the one of St. Peter’s in Rome.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Washington

The View of Washington

There are also tons of museums that you will enjoy, such as the American History Museum, Natural History Museum, Air & Space Museum and the National Art Gallery.

Wondering why we recommend visiting this remarkable city in April? It’s because of all those cherry trees that you’ll find around the city. Back in 1912, the mayor of Tokyo gifted 3000 sakura trees, known for their gorgeous pink flowers, to the city of Washington. If you get to visit in spring, you’ll see them in full bloom — they make the city look even more amazing.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Washington

Springtime in Washington

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, often referred to as Venice of the North, is an extraordinary city set on 14 islands connected by many bridges. We’ve been totally impressed with its charming medieval streets, colorful old buildings, and waterfront different from any other that we’ve ever seen.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Stockholm

Stockholm’s Waterfront

The best place to start your exploration of Stockholm is its Old Town called Gamla Stan, spread on three islands, which is one of the best-preserved medieval city centers in Europe. It’s so much different than any other old town that we’ve visited, and it’s very picture-perfect. If you’d like to relax by the water, visit Strandvägen – gorgeous boulevard set right by the water or go for a canal trip – it’s a unique way to explore the city.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Stockholm Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Are you seeking a great cultural experience? Visit some of the city’s amazing museums, such as the Nordic Museum, where you’ll learn about the Swedish history, or the Vasa Museum dedicated to Vasa – the old wooden warship built in the 17th century that sunk on her maiden voyage (a first sail).

To read more about Stockholm, check out our previous blog post: “Top 10 Things to Do in Stockholm: Explore the Venice of the North

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

If you’re traveling to the Balkans, you really need to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina and visit its capital Sarajevo. It’s a true gem of the Balkans and it’s often called the European Jerusalem because of its multiculturality — Christians, Muslims, and Jews have been living there with one another for ages and you can see the impact of different cultures all over the city. Sarajevo is a city where you’ll see the influence of the Austrian-Hungarian era on one side of the street and the influence of the Ottomans on the other side, and that’s what gives it the special charm.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Sarajevo

Sarajevo Cityscape

The main pedestrian area in Sarajevo is Baščaršija, and if you haven’t been there it’s like you’ve never been to Sarajevo. You have to stroll down this street and try ćevapi, buy very interesting souvenirs and feel the spirit of the East.

Places for Enjoying Springtime: Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Baščaršija

Check out the City Hall, one of the most important landmarks of Sarajevo, from the Austro-Hungarian times. Visit Vrelo Bosne (the river Bosna’s springs), it’s a place where you can relax and enjoy beautiful nature. It’s especially beautiful in the springtime when you’ll find all kinds of field flowers all around this gorgeous park.

If you’re interested in exploring Bosnia even more, Sarajevo is the perfect starting point. If you’re looking for some cool day trips around this unique country, check out this blog post: “Top 10 Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

April is the perfect month for traveling, so wherever you decide to go you’ll have a wonderful time. The world is just full of stunning cultural places, so pack your bags and start exploring!

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