5 Best Destinations for Family Summer Holidays

If you’re taking your kids on a trip, you want them to have the best time ever, because it means a great time for you, too. This time we bring you 5 best destinations for family summer holidays, where you will find a lot of fun for the whole family.

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Let’s explore great family holidays destinations…

Amalfi Coast, Italy

So, you’ve been to Italy, you loved it, and now you want your kids to love it, too. Amalfi coast is probably the best region of Italy for a family-friendly summer vacation that your kids will enjoy to the max. Stay in lovely Positano – a gorgeous coastal city set on cascading cliffs, with colourful houses and winding streets that go all the way down to the beaches. Seawater is warm and pleasant, and the beaches are really amazing – your kids will love them. As you already know, food in Italy is great, and on the Amalfi coast, you’ll find so many fresh fruits and veggies, and great seafood that your family will enjoy. Also, this is where you’ll try pizza with the original ingredients, and who doesn’t love a great pizza?

Family Summer Holidays

There are quite a few very interesting day trips from Positano. We recommend visiting the remains of Pompeii, it’s a spectacular archaeological spot for kids to explore and learn a little bit of history. Another great day trip is a boat ride to the Capri island. Your kids will love the ride itself and have a great beach day.

Family Summer Holidays

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is one of the best of Croatia’s coastal cities, aaaaand it’s very family friendly. Its magnificent Old Town is cars free, so you can let your kids wander around the streets freely, and they’ll love exploring all those narrow streets and especially the city walls. Take a walk to the St. John’s Fortress and visit the Dubrovnik’s Aquarium that is hidden inside its walls. Kids will love seeing all kinds of fish, sea urchins, starfish, sea cucumbers, etc. Find our Dubrovnik city tour in the Cultural Places App and easily explore the magnificent Old Town of Dubrovnik.

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Be sure to take your family out of the city walls, as well – there are various things to see out there. Climb up to the Srd mountain with the cable car (or hike if you think your kids can handle it) and enjoy the view. Go to the nearby beaches and enjoy the sun and the sea – there is the main city beach that is really amazing, but there are also a few local beaches that are less crowded and might be more kid-friendly, such as Pasjaca or Sveti Jakov beach. If you’re into boat trips, take the one that goes to the Lokrum island with beautiful gardens and peacocks everywhere.

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There is another thing that we know your family will love – it’s an adventure park called Cadmos Village. This park is situated in an oak forest, there are zip lines, treehouses, swings, paintball, village Olympics and more fun activities to enjoy. The park is set about 40 minutes away from Dubrovnik, so you’ll need to rent a car, but it’s worth it.

Athens, Greece

Athens is an amazing city with so many things to explore – from Acropolis and Mount Lycabettus to city centre and seaside. Explore some of the museums that Athens has to offer, like the new Acropolis Museum, National Archaeological Museum or Museum of Ancient Greek Technology – your kids will enjoy it. Also, take them to the Hellenic Children’s Museum that is a special museum that helps kids learn about the world in a fun way. Also, let’s not to forget the Planetarium – the whole family will enjoy it. Besides all the museums, you must visit the National Garden with playgrounds and mini zoo, or Attica Zoo where you’ll see dolphins, pink flamingos and many other animals.

Family Summer Holidays

If you want to relax from all the walking, head to the seaside and find a beach where you can relax. Or you can take a day trip to one of the nearby islands, such as Aegina, Spetses, Hydra, Poros or Agistri.

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Vienna, Austria

If you’re not looking for a beach holiday, but you’re more into exploring cities, we recommend visiting Vienna – an incredible kid-friendly city. Vienna is, too, full of museums and what’s great is that most of them are free for kids. Visit Naturhistorisches Museum to explore prehistoric human, and to take cool photos with them. Also, you can experience Nacht im Museum (Night at the Museum) program where your kids can get a torch and tour through the museum, and even sleep in the very museum. You can visit Madame Tussauds – the famous wax museum and take photos with wax versions of celebrities. Also, you must explore Schloss Schönbrunn, where your kids can dress up princes and princesses and see super-interesting exhibitions and performances at the Children’s Museum. Besides awesome museums, there are many playgrounds that your kids would love – the most famous ones are set in the Prater area, where the whole family will have a lot of fun.

Madame Tussauds Museum in Vienna

If you download our Cultural Places App, you can find the tour called “Family Fun Day” that will guide you to a lot of places in Vienna where you can find fun for the whole family, as well as some other tours through this family-friendly city.

Family Summer Holidays

Costa Brava + Barcelona, Spain

Costa Brava is the best Catalonia region for summer vacations – it has been known as the best summer destination for ages, especially for families, and there are plenty of reasons for that. This part of the Spanish coast is lined with golden sandy beaches and nice coastal cities to be explored. Visit Lloret de Mar – a small coastal city surrounded with crystal blue waters on one side, and mountains with the castle on one of its tops on the other side. This little city is full of gorgeous landmarks worth seeing, and the nature in the surroundings is just amazing. Also, there are some amazing amusement parks that your kids (and you, for sure) will love, such as the Water World, Gnomo Park, Arbre Aventura Park or Port Aventura park set near Barcelona.

Family Summer Holidays

There are also amazing day trips from Lloret de Mar (and other cities in Costa Brava), and the best one is Barcelona, for sure. You already know how amazing Barcelona is – we stated that a million times, and it is super interesting for kids to explore.

Family Summer Holidays

If you think about it, any destination can be a family-friendly one, you just have to explore a bit and find kid-friendly activities that you can enjoy together. These European destinations are full of such activities, no matter which one you choose your family will have a lot of fun together.

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