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7 insanely amazings things to see in Salzburg

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Austria is a country that attracts plenty of tourists from all over the globe every year. Some of them choose Austrian Alps to enjoy skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports, making it a heaven for winter lovers from all over the world. Some decide to visit the amazing Vienna. You can even have a romantic weekend in Hallstatt, one of the country’s most iconic places.

TOP 7 things to see in Salzburg

Formally the country is well-known as the Republic of Austria and it is a relatively small country, with around 8,7 million people.

It is a land of puzzling peaks, mysterious lakes and landscapes that will take your breath away.

However, since the country has an appealing history and gave birth to such an enormous range of internationally recognized artists, this time we are taking you to the city of Salzburg, the Mozart’s birthplace and of the most charming cities in Austria.

Following is the list of places you must not miss once you visit Salzburg.

Things to see in Salzburg – The ultimate list

1. The Salzburg Dom – the city’s cathedral

The Salzburg Dom

The cathedral is probably the most famous symbol of the city and place where many of the travelers start their journey in Salzburg. It was opened in 1628 on the place of former cathedrals, the earliest of which was constructed in 767.

2. Mirabell Gardens

Mirabell Gardens

The Mirabell Gardens is the destination where the kids in the Sound of Music danced around the statue of Pegasus singing “Do Re Mi”. The gardens belong to the Mirabell Palace that was built by an Archbishop in 1606 as a house for his mistress and kids! Today, it is the office of the Mayor of Salzburg.

3. St Peters Abbey

St Peters Abbey

This Benedictine monastery, constructed in the Romanesque period, is the oldest active monastery in Austria, dating back to 696 AD. It is situated in the oldest sector of Salzburg. Inside the church, you will see several art treasures, including some altar paintings by Kremser Schmidt, the Salzburg Madonna, as well as the unusual crèche portraying the Flight into Egypt.

4. Getreidegasse – Salzburg’s medieval shopping area

Getreidegasse in Salzburg

Salzburg’s most trendy shops can be found in Getreidegasse, a striking, medieval alley, nearly a mile long, running the length of the old town. If you are looking for a fairytale place in Salzburg, then this is the spot.

5. Mozart’s Birthplace

Mozart's birthplace

One certain house in the Getreidegasse always draws particular attention. House No. 9. The place in which famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. Salzburg’s most famous son came into this world on 27 January 1756. His family actually lived here for 26 years, from 1747 on, occupying an apartment on the third floor.

With parents, Leopold and Anna Maria as well as sister “Nannerl”, Mozart spend his childhood and much of his youth there. In 1773, the family moved to the house we know today as the “Mozart Residence”, standing on Makartplatz Square.

6. Residenzplatz and Residenz

The Residenzplatz is Salzburg’s biggest square. It houses the fifty foot high, Residenzplatz Fountain, possibly the most stunning extravagant fountain that exists outside of Italy.

The Residenz itself was the house of Salzburg’s Prince-Archbishops and is open all day for yet another gleaming place to visit.

7. Kapuzinerberg

Kapuzinerberg - things to see in Salzburg

The 640 meters-high Kapuzinerberg lies to the right of the River Salzach. Its green plateau provides a population recreation area for walkers, hikers and all the sports lovers. The place is home to churches, an abbey, as well as many hiking paths.

On the Kapuzinerberg you will also discover an old fortified wall with 14 watchtowers. Make sure you don’t miss it.

And there it is guys. Top 7 things in Salzburg.

Places that should be on your list when you visit this magnificent city.

In case you need more information on what to do in Salzburg, feel free to write to us. And if you decide to explore more of Austria, we definitely recommend taking a trip to Vienna and visiting Stephansdom.

One more thing.

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