Best Places to Visit in December Hamburg

The 5 Best Places to Visit in December

If you had a place on your bucket list for 2019 and just didn’t get to travel there yet, December is you last, and perfect opportunity to do so. Wouldn’t it be just perfect to finish the year with a great travel story to tell? If you’re not of those people who haven’t crossed everything out of their bucket list for this year, but you’re just looking for a perfect last-minute idea for your December vacation, you came to the right place! We’ll show you a few places that are more than perfect to enjoy in this time of the year — the 5 best places to visit in December.

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If you’re seeking for some amazing Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsmarkt)— Germany is the place to go. No matter which city you decide to visit, you will find so many fun things to do, and so many shiny Christmas markets, or that you will fall in love with the place. They’re usually located on the great city squares, surrounded with those beautiful buildings, decorated with huge, well-lit Christmas tree and snow-dusted market stalls.

Best Places to Visit in December Germany

Christmas Market in Germany

Everywhere you go you can feel the smell of Glühwein (amazing mulled wine), delicious Lebkuchen (similar to gingerbread), and authentic German street food — so tasty. It’s hard to tell which Christmas market in Germany is the best, but Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and Dresden are always at the top of the list.

Best Places to Visit in December Dresden

Christmas Market in Dresden

Best Places to Visit in December Hamburg

Christmas Time in Hamburg


If you’re looking for an affordable, but still an amazing place to visit, just go to Greece of-season — you’ll have a lot of fun and some quality time to explore the surroundings. We recommend visiting the mainland, especially Athens and Thessaloniki, and some larger or more popular islands, such as Crete, Santorini, or Mykonos, as smaller cities and islands might feel a bit abandoned in the winter.

Best Places to Visit in December Santorini

Santorini — Perfect December Destination

If you visit Thessaloniki, be sure to explore its amazing museums that will teach you the history and culture of this Greek city, such as the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki or the amazing Museum of Byzantine Culture.

No matter where you decide to go, Athens might be your first stop, even if it’s not your final destination. It’s a great idea to spend at least a day or two in the capital and explore its amazing cultural and architectural wonders.

Ultimate Must-see Places in Athens

Athens, Greece

Wondering what are the top sights to see in Athens? Visit one of our previous blog posts, Ultimate Must-see Places in Athens You Cannot Miss, and you will learn a little about the best things that you can see in this magical city. Also, make sure you visit our Cultural Places platform and find our extraordinary audio guides through Athens.

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Vietnam is one extraordinary country, for sure. With 3,000 kilometers of shore, three different regions to explore, fascinating culture and history and extraordinary food, you will definitely find something that you’ll love about this unique place on Earth. If you’re wondering what’s the best time of the year to visit Vietnam, the answer is simple — now. November through February is the best time to visit Vietnam, as it’s the dry season of the year. It might be a bit colder, depending on the region that you’re visiting (it can get pretty cold in the northern part of the county), but it’s better to put on a jacket that to be soaking wet because of the rain, right? 😊

One of the best places to visit in Vietnam in December is definitely Ha Noi — a peaceful and beautiful city lying in the middle of North Vietnam. Get ready to explore its bustling city streets and try some of the amazing Vietnamese dishes and some of the best coffee in the world. Vietnam is surely the country will surely give you once-in-a-lifetime experience, so hurry up — you won’t regret this trip.

Best Places to Visit in December Ha Noi Vietnam

Amazing Ha Noi, Vietnam

Best Places to Visit in December Ha Noi Vietnam

Streets of Ha Noi, Vietnam


If you want to find a perfect holiday destination where you can take a dip in the ocean and enjoy some sunshine in December, Cuba — the land of islands is your dream destination. Cuba is the place where you will enjoy some amazing museums, gardens, and extraordinary architecture. Must-visit cities are for sure La Havana and Santiago de Cuba.

Havana is the best place to visit if you really want to get to know the culture of Cuba and Latin America in general. It’s a unique and extraordinary place, and it is because of a unique combination of colonization processes, migration influxes, and cultural and political movements. It’s where you’ll see the place where Buena Vista Social Club came together and where you’ll visit some of the best beaches in the world. It’s simply perfect.

Best Places to Visit in December Havana

Amazing Havana, Cuba

Best Places to Visit in December Havana

Colorful Buildings of Havana


Even though it is mostly crowded with tourists in the summertime, Croatia gets quite interesting in winter. This is especially true for Zagreb — the city with one of the best Christmas markets in Europe. With more than a million visitors, 500 music events, street performances, and exhibitions, you will be astonished by so many interesting, funny and original things. Don’t skip trying some of the traditional culinary specialties and sweet delights, made especially for the Advent, and go ice skating in the ice park on King Tomislav Square.

Zrinjevac, Zagreb — Advent

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Wherever you decide to go, just remember to have a good time, make great memories and create stories worth talking about — that’s what December and Christmas time is all about.

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